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Your Etsy List Builder is a revolutionary new course that teaches people how to build lists of hungry buyers and how to make recurring income selling to these buyers. This unique course which focuses on building lists of Etsy shoppers has a wide appeal including internet marketers who understand the importance of list building for long term profits.

The course is designed to be easy to understand and follow for the beginner as well as including more advanced profit methods aimed at the seasoned marketer

Dear Affiliate Partners:

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Our success depends on YOUR success...In other words, we NEED you to be successful!

So we give you lots of support and opportunities to make additional profits with our products!

We have also designed a high converting sales funnel that gives you...

  • 50% of the $27 front end sale PLUS
  • 50% of a valuable $17 upsell PLUS 
  • 50% of a second valuable $17 upsell!


  • The affiliate service we use offers LIFETIME COOKIES   which means even if your prospect buys at ANYTIME IN THE FUTURE, you STILL GET PAID!
  • The LIFETIME COOKIES are also GLOBAL which means even if your buyer purchases a DIFFERENT product (from us) than the one you are promoting, you STILL GET PAID!

Our marketing strategy works because we build strong relationships with buyers by delivering additional free advice, hints, tips and updates over several weeks. This virtually eliminates refunds as this approach delivers far more value, reassurance and support for your customers.

As a result the total potential commissions per prospect is much higher than with other products in this price range which means HIGHER earnings for YOU!

The sales page has been professionally written for maximum conversions - You can see the sales page here 


How and when do I get paid?

All new affiliates will be paid direct to their PayPal account 30 days after the sale to allow for any possible refund requests.

Established affiliates will receive instant commissions on all sales directly to their PayPal accounts.

Either way, it's money in the bank for YOU.

How do I promote?

Just follow the instructions below and earn CASH for every buyer you introduce!

If you need any help or have any questions feel free to contact me at: stuart@stuart-turnbull.com or Skype: stuart_turnbull


Making money with Your Etsy List Builder is very easy.
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A buyer list is the nearest thing to "push button" profits you can get!

The secret to building your own profitable buyer lists with ZERO outlay...

List building WITHOUT the costly tools...

If you are not doing this with your Etsy shop you are leaving $thousands on the table

WARNING; Etsy sellers are leaving $1,000’s on the table by not doing this……..

Etsy sellers discover they’ve been leaving money on the table

REVEALED; the secret to turning one off Etsy buyers into regular customers for life!

Stupid simple method for building HUGE buyer lists using Etsy!

SECRET method to SUPERCHARGE your Etsy shop!


eMail Copy

Everybody knows that the very best way to achieve long term success online is to build a list of buyers and prospects.

With your own list;-

  • You gain instant credibility and are perceived as an authority in your niche which gets you more sales.
  • You are viewed as a serious seller who can be trusted which gets you more sales.
  • You can advertise weekly or monthly “specials”, “coupons”, or “limited time discounts” which gets you more sales.
  • You can instantly announce (and show!) new items added to your store which gets you more sales.
  • You can prevent your customers from “forgetting” you and keep them thinking of you which gets you TONS more sales.
  • You can get more admirers which boosts your listings which gets you more sales.
  • You rise above other competing sellers which gets you more sales.


If you are running an ecommerce business on ebay or Amazon building a list is easier said than done - these platforms make it practically impossible to collect the email addresses of your customers and will shut you down at the drop of a hat if they catch you trying.

There is, however one ecommerce platform that doesn’t object to you building a list of your customers in fact, they positively encourage you to do so by allowing you to include any links you want in your shop!

This platform is Etsy and in “Your Etsy List Builder” the latest course from marketing experts and seasoned Etsy Sellers Stuart Turnbull and Bart Hennin you’ll learn exactly how to build your own valuable list of buyers and prospects using FREE tools with zero technical skills and no website or web hosting needed.

And that’s not all!

You’ll also learn about a FREE online tool that converts your Etsy shop into beautiful PDF catalogs with LIVE buy links - perfect for sending out to your list whenever you have new items to showcase or you are running a sale or promotion!

Stuart and Bart take you through the whole process in an easy to follow step by step way so that nobody is left behind, everything from setting up your free autoresponder, embedding your opt-in form in your shop and other sites (think FB etc.) to creating your PDF catalogs. There are also chapters covering what to write in your emails to keep your subscribers interested, engaged and BUYING based on their combined email marketing experience of 20 years!

To see exactly how this works, go here now;

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PS If you take action TODAY you can get in at a special ultra-low introductory price! (which is going up very soon!)

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Follow Up eMail

I wrote to you a few days ago about a way to turn your one off Etsy buyers into regular customers for life that can be achieved using FREE tools with zero technical skills and no website or web hosting needed.

Marketing experts and seasoned Etsy sellers Stuart Turnbull and Bart Hennin have put together a newbie friendly course that teaches you in an easy to follow step by step way exactly how to build and nurture a list of your Etsy shoppers and buyers (aka “online marketing GOLD”)

If that’s not enough the course also has some awesome included bonuses and is fully guaranteed. I urge you to check it out NOW before the special launch pricing expires;

(affiliate link)

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